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PQI unveils TurboMemory Series for extreme gamers and PC enthusiasts
PQI announces TurboMemory Series for servers and clusters
CMTL certified PQI Server Memory
PQI achieved ISO 9001 Certification

PQI3200-1024DGL 1GB Dual Channel TurboMemory 2-3-2-6–
by Scott, cluboc.net
PQI3200-512DGL Turbo Memory Articles– by Justin B., Fastlanehw.com
Intelligent Stick:Truely the mark of an excellent product– A testimony from Texas
USB 2.0 Pen Drives y bastante mas.– Pcdemano.com(Spanish)
Intelligent Stick 2.0: Superior performance and diminutive size.– Atruereview.com
USB 2.0 6-in-1 Pro reader: It is fast, small and highly convenient.– ExtremeMHZ.com
Intelligent Stick Is Small, Light And Worth Its Weight.– Tomshardware.com
Intelligent Stick 2.0: It brings new meaning to the phrase. — ExtremeMHZ.com
IntelligentStick: Something so James Bond.– The gadgeteer.com