PQI- flash memory storage devices and peripherals.

Founded in 1998, PQI designs, manufactures and markets computer memory modules, flash memory storage devices and peripherals.

Addressing the need for reliable and versatile storage with much faster access times and lower power consumption than conventional drives, PQI products are recognized as category leaders. Two of the company’s patented products Intelligent Stick, the smallest

USB flash drive available, and DiskOnModule, a cost-effective and secure solution for the embedded system market have helped to reshape the memory storage industry.

The acquisition of PMI, a leading manufacture of computer memory modules, further strengthens our goal to be a complete memory solution provider in the convergence of  computing and digital entertainment.

We are committed to maintaining our industry leading position through leading-edge technologies, continued product innovations and the assurance of total customer satisfaction.

PQI’s goal is to maintain an industry leading position through leading edge product innovation and more importantly, total customer satisfaction. Located conveniently in the heart of the Silicon Valley, PQI is committed to provide comprehensive customer support and service to suit our customers’ needs.

PQI has arrived to meet the demands of a new generation of gaming enthusiasts. The ultra-high performance TURBO series DDR memory is specially engineered for superior performance in an extreme gaming environment. To maximize your overall system performance while ensuring full stability, TURBO series DDR memory is your choice.

All PQI  TURBO series DDR memory consists of Dual channel and Single channel modules and will be available in elegant quality heat spreaders that enable efficient heat dissipation.

Secure Digital cards :

Secure Digital Cards are a memory device that offers an incredible combination of high storage capacity (currently available up to 1GB); fast data transfer rates, great flexibility, and excellent security. All this in a memory card roughly the size of a postage stamp! Coupled with a PQI USB Reader, this device can read those important pictures, retain that movie soundtrack or store that valued document.

Based on non-volatile memory components and encased in a protective molding, they do not require power to retain the information stored in them. SD cards are based on solid-state components that have no moving parts to skip or break down. This indeed makes them highly reliable!

Available in 32 – 1GB versions.
Please visit the Secure Digital Association at: http://www.sdcard.org/

Fit into popular camcorders, digital cameras, PDA’s, and cellular phones that can utilize PQI’s Secure Digital Cards.

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Its use :

Connect the PQI USB Reader to your computer’s USB port, A �Removable Disk Drive� will appear under the icon �My Computer�.
Insert a PQI Secure Digital Card as follows:

Under the icon �My Computer�, double-click on �Removable Disk Drive�. This will take you to your saved data on your PQI Secure Digital Card . 

We welcome you to join our reseller program. If your company is incorporated within United States, please   download the US Reseller Credit Application Form. After you have filled out the form, please fax back to 510- 651-7240.