Electric Vehicles: Cover more than 1000 kilometers with a new super battery in 2022?

The new battery technology SALD should enable electric cars to have a range of more than 1000 kilometers. With a coating as thin as an atom. EVs in Vancouver could be one of the first to sell EVs with SALD technology.

Will this be the breakthrough in battery technology for electric cars?

A new super battery could enable ranges of more than 1000 kilometers in around two years – even 2000 kilometers should be possible. The new technology that is supposed to ensure this quantum leap is called “Spatial Atom Layer Deposition” (SALD) and was developed in a joint project of the German Fraunhofer Institutes and the state research institute The Netherlands Organization (TNO) in the Netherlands.

A company for the marketing of industrial mass production called SALD BV has already been founded. According to the Eindhoven-based company, “countless inquiries” have already been received from investors about participation.

SALD batteries should offer not only three times the range but also five times the charging speed in a space similar to that of current e-car batteries, as SALD BV announced. This could charge an electric car to about 80 percent in ten minutes and fully in 20 minutes. “It’s not about setting a theoretical range record. We’re talking about the fact that, even in the worst-case scenario, the battery in an e-car with a sporty, dynamic driving style and air conditioning or heating still has at least 20 to 30 percent charge left after 1000 kilometers,” said SALD CEO Frank Verhage. The new battery generation should be ready for use in 2022 or 2023, and talks have already been held with car manufacturers. The technology also harmonizes with the new lithium iron phosphate battery from Tesla for the Model 3 in China.

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Electric car battery technology with atomic coating

Basically, the new batteries are a further development of the lithium-ion batteries commonly used in electric cars. What is special about the SALD technology is an industrial process for ultra-thin coating in 3D format – the so-called atom coating – which is intended to significantly improve the ion flow between the anode and cathode. The three-dimensional coating should work both with the liquid electrolytes currently in use and with solid-state batteries, which are considered to be the next big step in battery technology for electric cars. The safety and longevity of batteries should also be improved with SALD .

The Impact of Technology on Marketing

Online Marketing


The decisive impetus for consumer behavior change is smartphones and social media where an SMMPanel will help businesses thrive. People walk around at home and in the office, looking at their smartphones. Now, you don’t buy a product just because you saw an ad on TV, or just because you’ve had a past purchase. With the ease of objective information about quality becomes available, consumers are becoming less and less reliant on branding, customer loyalty, and positioning.

In an era when it was difficult to evaluate various technical characteristics and quality, certain brands were preferred. There was a time when Samsung unconditionally bought a product just because it was made. But with the ease with which the quality of a product can be evaluated on smartphones and social media, loyalty isn’t as impactful as it used to be. Brands will of course continue to be valuable in terms of awareness, persistence, attachment, and privilege, but their role in the quality assessment will be reduced.

Xiaomi, dubbed the ‘Continental Mistake’, is representative. Xiaomi has changed the perception of its cheap Chinese-made products. Nor did consumers prefer the Xiaomi brand, nor did they have customer loyalty. Ratings came out that it had a good quality for the price, i.e. the price, and Xiaomi products began to sell in flames, nicknamed the ‘Continental Mistake’. On social media such as Facebook and blogs, posts about Xiaomi came up every day. People who were curious got more information by searching, and they checked for reviews at Naver, Auction, and 11th Street. Consumers who quickly completed the quality assessment began to make purchases without hesitation.

With this growing number of digitally-armed consumers, so are the marketing efforts of companies. As people and people became connected, offline and online connected, machines and machines connected, data began to come together. This makes it possible to understand consumer behavior and buying patterns to drive more efficient marketing. Whether by consumers or businesses, the data left behind in the digital space is growing exponentially.

Data by itself can’t do anything, but being able to interpret and leverage it is a huge opportunity factor for businesses. Now, marketing technology is evolving into the scientific realm of convergence with artificial intelligence where computers themselves analyze consumer behavior and make marketing decisions.


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Amazon is representative. Amazon has become the world’s most powerful online commerce company based on its “personalized recommendation feature.” Since then, it has gone beyond online and is competing for on- and off-line distribution supremacy with Wal-Mart. Google, Apple, and IT are battling over the platform, and IBM, HP, and Microsoft are battling over the cloud server market. This is called “Amazonification” in the IT industry. It means that you are becoming ‘Amazonized’ regardless of your industry. In recent years, the company has been further gaining market dominance by introducing innovative technologies such as “Amazon Go” for brick-and-mortar stores without checkout counters, “Alexa” for artificial intelligence systems, and “unmanned delivery” using drones.

As digital transformation moves millions of consumers to smartphones and social media, more and more companies are using marketing technologies. An example is Amorepacific, which has grown into a door-to-door sale. Amorepacific is leading the new trend with the introduction of ‘Beauty Mirrors’ where you can demonstrate virtual makeup through the application without having to do the makeup yourself, ‘Nail Fit’ which uses laser printers to style nails of the design you want, and ‘Custom Cosmetics Service’ which customizes cosmetics to suit your skin and tastes.

In line with the trend of breaking down the boundaries of distribution channels, we have focused our efforts on omnichannel strategies, and leveraged technologies such as the Internet of Things to evolve brick-and-mortar stores into digitized spaces, enabling customers to have consistent, new experiences in stores, websites, and apps. The implication is that we are bringing technology into the field so that consumers can experience it for themselves, and we are making a difference.

In fact, the evolution of technology in marketing has never been as rapid as it is today. To put it more precisely, it would be correct to say that technology has never been at the center of marketing history. Companies that are only familiar with concepts such as branding, positioning, differentiation, and so on, will need to actively use technology in their marketing efforts in the future. Otherwise, you’ll have no choice but to stay tied to expensive television commercials.

Essential Appliances and Gadgets For Work From Home Setup

Due to the prolonged lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies and individuals are making new plans to work from home. Thanks to the rapid development of smart technology, setting up a home office has become much more manageable. You can use other tools and gadgets to be more productive and stay healthy while working away from the office. See these few lists of valuable appliances and devices for work-from-home setup. 

Comfortable Chair and Desk 

Maybe you’ve worked from home with a table and chairs in your kitchen, or you’re used to working from the comfort of your sofa in front of Netflix, watching your favorite boxes. You might think this would be a long-term fix, but it will be hell. If you keep working like this, your hips and shoulders will start to complain, and it will only go downhill. Therefore, having a wide desk and a comfortable chair is essential from a health management point of view. Ensure that these desk and chair have tapping screws from www.scrooz.com.au to make them durable and long lasting. They are the most important gear to invest in.

Speedy Internet Connection and Reliable WiFi Router

When your Internet connection goes down, your productivity plummets. This is why a fast internet connection is so important. While working from home, you may use your internet bandwidth, especially if you video conference often. You don’t want any unexpected restrictions or extra charges, so you should consider upgrading. Another thing to consider is his WiFi connection in the home office. With the prevalence of smartphones and tablet PCs, it is essential to install a high-quality WiFi router at home to ensure reliable WiFi transmission.


Applications like FaceTime and Snapchat are often used to share with friends and family, but they don’t always feel the same excitement regarding professional video conferencing. With private video chats, you won’t feel the pressure of having your camera ready. However, business web conferencing requires good concentration and effective communication. If you don’t have a USB webcam, consider using one at your next virtual meeting.

Conference Speakerphone

Web conferencing can harm your ears if you hold the phone to your ear or wear headphones for more than a few hours. Most modern smartphones come with speakerphones but are inadequate for clear voice recording. In that case, you may need a Bluetooth USB speakerphone to free your hands and ears. Speakerphones are beneficial on many levels. It’s portable and versatile, so you can listen to music, make hands-free calls, and set up your meeting room anywhere.

Technologies Used to Make Gaming Chairs

In the past few years, gaming chairs have become an essential part of the gaming experience. Gamers want their chair to be not only comfortable but also stylish. They want a better experience when playing their favorite games.

These gaming chairs come with a variety of features, each one more exciting than the other — lights, speakers, heating pads and vibration motors being just some of them. Have you ever thought about what gaming chair ninja has? And you want to make something similar to that? Then let’s take a look at the technologies used to make these gaming chairs.

Speaker and Sound Technology

The sound on these gaming chairs is designed to be the highest quality. Gaming chairs that use this type of technology have a sophisticated speaker system that provides a true surround sound experience.

The speakers are usually built into the headrest to direct sound right at you. This sound technology is especially helpful for gamers who play multiplayer games online.

The sound will be synchronized with the other players to make the gaming experience even more immersive. Some gaming chairs have a USB or Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your smartphone or laptop to your gaming chair.

Heating and Vibration Technology

This type of technology is found mostly in high-end racing gaming chairs. These are meant to be used in an office or gaming setup where you would be sitting in one place the whole time. These chairs come with a built-in heating pad located in the backrest.

This heating pad heats up and massages your back and legs to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. You can also switch the heating pad to turn it into a vibrating massage pad to help relieve muscle tension. Vibration motors are built into the armrest and seat of these chairs to help you relax even more.

Light and Color Technology

The light and color technology used in gaming chairs uses LED lights that come with almost every feature. These gaming chairs come with LED lights on the headrest, side and armrests to create a more immersive experience while you play your game. Most gaming chairs with LED lights have different color options and brightness settings so you can choose the right setting that suits your mood.