PQI Energetic Panda

PQI Energetic Panda can be really a double jack storage apparatus built with a micro-usb and standard USB port. Only plug in the micro USB connector in your smartphone or tablet’s micro-usb slot to move documents, videos, photographs, and music into a PQI Energetic Panda.

The apparatus could sync face book, solving the issue of limited, non-expandable storage distance on tablets and smartphones. The normal USB connector on the opposite end enables you to openly access files exactly as any USB thumbdrive. Throughout the micro-usb jack, audio, audio, and files onto your apparatus could be directly utilized in an tablet or smartphone.

A number of files could be reproduced simultaneously, helping you save awaiting for time. With the added pins, you may very quickly transform it in a dust cap for the mobile’s headset port. Convenientthis really is an peripheral.

The adorable, cute design made from soft rubberized will charm kids and adults alike. A funny expression brings a smile to everyone else’s face, making for a pleasure, accessory accessory. The driveway doubles as a headset jack dust cap for smart phones or mobile audio players. An storage driveway does not need to be a device. It may be an fashion accessory.