Smartphone And Social Media – Can It Ruin Sex Life And Relationships?

There are numerous researches linking a satisfactory and active sex life with contentment and happiness in a relationship. Moreover, the better the sex, the happier the people in the relationship would be.

A low libido or a decrease in sex drive could hinder sexual activity and could bring about tension and strain in a relationship. Apart from this, there are many tell tales or “old wives’ tales” about sexuality, erections, and orgasms that aren’t true, ambiguous or misleading. Check out as it shed more light and information on a few of these “old wives’ tales.”

Increasing libido is vital to get you and your partner in the mood to have a satisfactory and more pleasurable sex. This is why, for years, people have been looking for that perfect and powerful aphrodisiac to not only increase sex drive but to have more stamina to last longer in bed. However, there are external factors that contribute to a person becoming disinterested in sex, or “mood killers” which eventually leads to lack of sexual activity.

In this modern age, myths on erection, orgasms, and sexuality could be corrected and even scientifically proven otherwise. Again, check out to learn more of these myths.

Unmindful Use of Smartphones and Social Media Can Affect Sex Life

Although this modern age can debunk and correct these myths, there are things in this time and age that actually distract people from becoming more passionate, in the mood and moment for making love with their partner/spouse – smartphones and the Internet.

If not use wisely and responsibly, even if they make work-life much easier, these technologies could not only affect a person’s sex life but also their relationship with their spouse/partner. Our smartphones keep us connected the online world. But, constant use of smartphones and access the online world seems like couples might be disregarding each other for the sake of some screen time.

In a survey where 2,000 adult participants took part in discovered that 41% are less likely to initiate sex if their spouse/partner is on their smartphone in bed. The sad thing is that majority admitted that they were on their smartphones while having sex! In terms of being in romantic getaway, with their partner, 65% of the participants said that they post on their social media accounts up to three times daily wherein 42% admitted that they actually share these special and romantic getaways on social media instead of with their partners.

This is a really clear and strong indication that for a lot of individuals, technology is negatively affecting their sex life and their relationship. So, be mindful and sensitive when in the presence of your loved one. Ditch your phones when spending with each other to truly enjoy and be in the moment.

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