Moore’s Law and Technology

There has been a huge leap in technology for the past decade. But the real question is, how fast our technology grows? In this regard, experts have referred to Moore’s law for the growth rate of our technology. It says that transistor count on integrated circuit is doubling every couple of years. However, technology is beginning to reach its limit and its growth rate is gradually slowing down which made Moore’s law less possible.

Statistical Data of Technological Growth

Let us take a quick look of how fast our technology is growing:

  • There would be 38.6 billion smart devices that’ll collect, analyze and share data by 2025
  • The market for web hosting services will reach $78 billion dollars by 2025
  • 70 percent of all the tech spending will be poured for cloud solutions
  • Market for global AI would reach over 90 billion dollars
  • There are going to be over 4 million internet users

Isn’t it remarkable to see how fast our technology is growing? If you wound these statistics to be mindboggling already, then wait until you read the entire article.


It is evident that nothing seems to stop our technology from growing, especially in transistors. Probably, you see how these things become smaller with every new iteration.

At the moment, there are transistors with size of about 14 nanometers across. To put into perspective, it is nearly 14x bigger than our DNA molecule.

These days, transistors have a remarkable width of 70 silicon atoms with the smallest functioning transistor made is 1 nanometer-gate transistor.

The Growth of Data Volume

Statistics in technology shows that the revenue for tech market will keep on growing. It’s expected to reach at incredible figures in the upcoming years. Truth is, big data market is forecasted to worth 103 billion dollars.

Web Hosting Services

In relation to the market for web hosting services, it is projected to reach around 78 billion dollars in year 2025. Of course, this is going to be incomplete without even mentioning how cloud platforms work in relation to how fast our technology is growing. Cloud service is gaining more popularity than ever before and is a major factor for rate stats of technology adoption. It’s true for there are many businesses such as Brighton storage to save their data transactions, customer information and everything in between.