Products Domindustrial

DOM works exactly like a hard disk drive (ergo the “disc” on “DiskOnModule”) but with no issues related to a hard disk drive. It’s not necessary to be concerned about hard disk drive crashes because of mechanical breakdowns. DOM does not have any moving parts! We do not possess a spinning flying discdrive, or hard disk drive heads that automatically see that flying disc drive.

Our DOM will not generate some heat, just isn’t climate sensitive and painful, and can endure for ages! Our apparatus remains secure, & first and foremost, dependable.

Requires no proprietary or additional applications, such as Flash filesystem or Memory Tech Driver computer software. Costs in our DOM competes and lots of occasions is lower that of hard discs.

A very reliable embedded flash memory storage apparatus; It’s the faculties of providing complete ATA/IDE hard drive functionality, protocol, and compatibility in one apparatus which can be utilized as an alternative to normal IDE hard disks.

No Extra BIOS and OS alteration are needed because of the fact that ATA driver is now a common element of all Significant Systems