Products Sd UHS1 memory-card

UHS stands to get ultra highspeed and includes cards which have rates upto 312 Mb/s. The UHS rate class logo involves lots comprised within a u shape. These days, there is but a single UHS speed category: UHS Speed Class 1, that was created for the UHS bus port. Cards in this class will normally be referred to as SDHC UHS-I or even SDXC UHS I.”

All ofUHS-inch memory cards possess 10MB/s of minimum data transport rate same for being aclass 10 card. There’s absolutely no gap in the data transfer rates of the memory cards and they have been indistinguishable within their specifications.

PQI SDHC c-10 UHS1 memory-card matches the need for professionals and consumers to its 3 Highs: high res, higher capacity, and higher speed. Whether we’re talking Total HD videorecording, burst photo shooting, or higher res photography, then the item can meet every demand.

PQI memory cards experience rigorous tests from production right through to real estate. Each memory can be also given a lifetime warranty which means that

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